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    How does it bite ??



    -fresh installations gbl-2.04.4
    -wacom driver installation “no touch by default, xinput_calibrator”
    -obtaining repositioning desktop “configuration xsetwacom”
    -onboard “virtual keyboard”
    -extras system for laptops thinkpad “power, trackpoint, fan speed, GSM modem and GPS”
    -configuring the appearance and system settings.
    Apparently a lot has been written about the configuration – ThinkPad x200t, but I have not found full of simple tips. :pc:


    Installation bases and facilities service:

    Configuration and settings:

    gobangos thinkpad x200t tablet
    Continued :blowup:

    Configuration keys

    Tablet_Hardware_Buttons “special keys thinkpad”:
    The first thing I decided to do to get the keys to the frame.

    sudo aptitude install install acpi acpi-support acpica-tools acpid acpidump acpitail acpitool libacpi0 laptop-detect pommed

    Configuration setkeycodes:

    Configuration udev:
    Information about the lack of rules:
    dmesg | grep -i ‘key’
    dmesg | grep -i ‘translated’

    everything should work ???


    To map the shortcut to a single key use: xdotool

    “sudo aptitude install xdotool”
    Usage: xdotool key “shortcut”

    Mute button:

    Setting keyboard shortcuts for rotation:

    – Go to menu > Settings > Openbox > Edit Shortcuts
    1. XF86RotateWindows – command “~/bin/ invert”
    2. XF86Go – command “~/bin/ flip”
    3. XF86Launch2 – command “root-menu” you can use another example: gnome-pie
    4. XF86ScreenSaver – I leave no configuration

    Setting cooperation with turnover change your profile openbox:

    Profiles will work with xrandr, refresh basic configurations in a openbox session. Any change xrandr will receive a separate configuration settings. This will allow you to change the desktop settings – autostart, menus, keyboard shortcuts, wallpaper, gtk .. tint2, terminator, Wbar, tilda …. when you rotate the desktop – more in “man obprofile”.

    My configuration:

    The first default profile “xrandr = normal”.
    Obprofile parameters “restore”, “flag.restore in ~/.config/openbox/profile/”.

    – ~/.config/openbox/autostart
    – ~/.config/openbox/profile/restore/autostart

    The award entry “homebin”

    “~/bin/” – Load wacom style on all profile in autostart.
    “xsetwacom set “Serial Wacom Tablet stylus” Area 159 -28 26266 16300″ – calibrations
    “killall onboard” – kill the keyboard on the screen during rotation “xrandr=normal” “obprofile restore”

    The next profile “xrandr = right”.
    Obprofile parameters “light”, “flag.lihgt”.

    – ~/.config/openbox/profile/light/autostart

    Onboard runs immediately after homebin!!!

    Another profile:

    Rotate left “xrandr = left”
    Obprofile parameters “dark”, “flag.dark”.

    – ~/.config/openbox/profile/dark/autostart

    Rotate left “xrandr = inverted”
    Obprofile parameters “user”, “flag.user”.

    – ~/.config/openbox/profile/user/autostart

    It looks that way.

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