This article applies to the GoBang-1.04
In version GoBang-2.04 has been implemented into the postinstall section, under the name gbltools.


A set of scripts to automate software installations from other sources

Last update: 05/05/2014

Changelog: here
Download page: here

Review of some the applications.

– asciinema page
– debreate page
– gnome-pie page
– jajuk player page
– kernel-netbook page
– miniscript page video
– nightingale player page
– nitrotasks page
– Opera Mobile Emulator 12.1 page
– qlscribe page
– qremote pagevideo
– python-pip page
– scribus page
– songbird player page
– teamviewer page
– ubuntuzilla page
– ultimateplayer page
– wdt page
– XBMC 12.2 “Frodo” page video

and more applications and scripting tool

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