The main file contains the settings of Openbox window manager.
This file is divided into sections and each section is responsible for the different settings: fonts, keyboard shortcuts, settings of windows, the default applications.
Keyboard shortcuts give the possibility to run: commands, applications, scripts.
Configuration example:

Programs are stored here, commands run during open box start.
Configuration example:

In autostart modification very important is the order of entries in the file, and the time to run them.
Entries in this file should be set depending on the run programs.
The best solution is to modify file so it does not cause a collision during the start of application.
It is better not to add programs with high demand for hardware at startup.
To achieve optimum performance you should test different settings depending on your needs.
In addition, in the GBL there is startup script “~ / bin / homebin”
where you can place additional commands and features.

This file stores settings and appearance of the menu.
Configuration example:

Openbox menu is dynamic. It is possible to perform a function when running menu.
The most commonly used way for references to the script is ”pipe-menu”

File “pipe-menu” has given the right to run as a program, and it is divided into two sections.
Example file:

In this example there is a section of the input and output. The input procedure is execution, and the output is responsible for displaying a section on the menu.
With pipelines its possible to expand Main manu with additional functions.

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