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xgo – session based on x-serwer and terminal So it looks

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XGO(1) XGO(1) NAME xgo – X-session based on terminal emulator SYNOPSIS xgo [-option] goout terminator [-option] gnome-terminal [-option] xclock [-option] goterminal gobox [-option] gomenu goconky DESCRIPTION Session xgo based on X-server without running window man‐ ager. Session interface based on terminal emulator: gnome- terminal and terminator. Gnome-terminal is a main terminal emulator and it also manages session. Terminator is designed to run console applications in tabs at boot/startup (from auto-start list). CLI applications: man, mc, elinks, netstat, alsamixer, htop. Each of them has its own manual called from command line: man [application]. Xclock application is also run in the session. If you what to know something about terminal profiles type: man termi‐ nator or man gnome-terminal. EXAMPLES terminator tabs Opening new tabs [-RKM in menu working area ] – open a new tab terminator arranging Arranging menu tabs [-RKM in menu working area ] – arrange: horizontally, vertically. terminator profiles Menu style definition [-RKM in menu working area ] – profiles Terminator always after opens or arranges tabs uses a default profile. Terminator preferences Terminator preferences [-RKM in menu working area ] – preferences. Gnome-terminal menu Gnome-terminal menu [-RKM in menu working area ] gnome-terminal does not suport tab arranging. gnome-terminal exit gnome-terminal [- gobox –exit Exit xgo window manager. sudo xgo –exit Exit xgo session. sudo goout Exit, logout, sleep, lock, hibernate. INTRODUCTION xgo session provides many options in order to customize to user preferences. The environmental variables change (if they were set) xgo session. It is possible to create own auto-start profiles: you can run not only CLI applications but also GUI applica‐ tions. To do this type, for example: [-thunar &]. Similarly, you can run an openbox window manager typing in the command line [gobox]. Parameter –exit [gobox –exit] is used to exit window manager. Gobox script runs path openbox. Using Path you can setup location for openbox sep‐ arate configuration file. Terminator uses GTK , all applications derive settings from GTK. Gnome-terminal derives settings from openbox session. Changes made to GTK in xgo session influence on openbox session style. User interface consist of CLImenu. This menu is not included in goterminal auto-start list and remains not con‐ figured. Sometimes, depending on the software used, you need to edit menu file [/usr/bin/gomenu]. Gomenu runs in terminal [gomenu &]. Conky –layout was customized to user interface, to call it type in the command line [goconky]. The aim of /usr/bin/xgo script is to start [xgo –session] and end [xgo –exit] session. You can end session in dif‐ ferent ways: -call [exit] in gnome-terminal -close gnome-terminal window while running gobox -select option gobox -> exit in menu -select option gobox -> exit in menu -issue the command [sudo goout] The best way is to choose one of the last three methods. The first two methods may cause errors during restart of MDM. Xgo session is not saved, so all changes are made by edit‐ ing configuration files. Keyboard – you can use all keyboard shortcuts declared in terminator and gnome-terminal configuration files. In open‐ box window manager you can also use gobox keyboard short‐ cuts. Mouse – use mouse to highlight or define working area. The idea of xgo is to educate and familiarize the user how to use Linux command line. FILES /usr/share/xsessions/xgo.desktop Xgo session definition file. /usr/bin/xgo Startup the session. /usr/bin/goterminal Startup script terminator with the declared: GTK, profile, layout. /usr/bin/gobox Start the patch openbox /usr/share/oblogout/goout The personalized oblogout script for the xgo ses‐ sion. /usr/bin/gomenu CLI applications menu. /usr/bin/goconky Configuration of the start a Conky in a xgo session. SEE ALSO http://cli-apps.org/ http://www.jaredandcoralee.com/CLIapps.html X(7), startx(1),mdm(1),openbox(1)), terminator(1), gnome- terminal(8), xclock(1). ERRORS If MDM does not restart automatically after you type exit in gnome-terminal, or close gnome-terminal window (while running gobox) you will have to restart login manager or X- server. Implementation procedures: 1.Login up for in TTY console – [ Ctrl+Alt+F1 ] virtualbox – [ Ctrl+F1 ] 2.Issue the command – [ sudo service mdm restart ] or 1.Restart X server by: – [ Ctrl+Alt+PrtSc+k ] AUTHOR Wojciech Witkowski 2013 r. under the “GoBang System” Sesja X in GoBang System 2013-02-15 XGO(1)

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